does a bad dressing choice ruin your day????

@shav9292 (928)
June 7, 2009 12:00pm CST
does a bad dressing choice ruin your whole day or are you the type who will never let it bother you.suppose you are giving a seminar or speech in front of a crowd and you know or just feel that you don't look good...then does that cripple your confidence????
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• India
9 Jun 09
Hey Gud Ques BuuDDyy .. I am a Kinda Person who really Feels Bothered abt d Dressing style wen ...U can say Its Sumthing Like ya a Seminar or sum Meeting .. If One is Nt Satisfied wit himself or his dressing style Hw could he able to Satisfy d Other ppl abt His Point ...Bt ya One shd hav such ConFidence to Carry Off D Clothes wit a Sense Of Coolness.. Just B cool N Concentrate On D Work Nt on D Clothes ..i Mean Try to...
• India
9 Jun 09
yes ofcouse i totally believe inthat if i am giving a seminar befora a large crowd then obviously if my dressing is not good then obviously myconnfidence levels would go to influences me really klike anything so i would always love toio be welldressed when i go for a seminar,happy mylotting
@lynnchua (3416)
• Singapore
8 Jun 09
It will really ruin my whole day if I had a bad dressing choice. I will definitely feel uncomfortable and lost in confident if that happened to me.
@ethereal1 (218)
• Australia
8 Jun 09
I definitely feel happier and more confident if I look relatively good. Apart from just choosing clothes that look good, comfort is important.. It can ruin my day if I am out all day with a tag that itches me or a pair of undies that keep riding up!