Do you have a bad experience with your high school?

@hanah87 (1846)
June 7, 2009 12:49pm CST
I have one bad experience with my high school and untill now i cannot forget it.I just not go to one of my trial of big exam in my school when i were form 5 because i get ill and not have oppurtunity to tell my teacher quickly.My parent forget to tell it and i dont get any news from my friends or high schol about that.Sometimes if i cannot go to my school because i get sick,my friends will tell me everything happened in my school. Then,my principal of high school called me and ask me to change my school to other school.She do that because my school have high reputation or image in eamination among all high school in my country and always get 100 percent in eaxam result.She dont want me destroy it.But it not fair to do that to me because i am not guilty of do any abd thing in school.I have explained to her about my reason not to come to school that day but she never want to accept my explaination.I feel very upset and angry with her.So,i change to other high school and take my big exam at other school. Thank to God because i got good result in my big exam.My friend told me that my principal of my ex-high school shocked to know i get good result.It gave her big slap of my good result in exam.She thought i will never got it.And she was wrong and i have proved it.Do you also have bad experience in your high school?
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@rainmark (4306)
7 Jun 09
Oh shame on your principal, she underestimated your capacity without asking you first what's wrong and never gave you any consideration. About my bad experienced high school was all about my relationship towards others. I don't have a problem on my academics coz im done quite well. But i only having a bad experience coz my classmates were bullied me all the time and i experienced discriminations and insults from them. But im alright now, i try to forget those pasts. Happy posting.