Containing Kobe Bryant

United States
June 7, 2009 3:58pm CST
Kobe's 40 points not impressive as much as his supporting cast. We need to focus on stopping his teammates if we stop them from being effective we could win. It do not make any difference to be concerned about kobe's scoring because when he gets in a scoring zone he is difficult to stop from scoring. We contain kobe's scoring and distrupt his shooting make him change his shots disrupt his passes try to get him unfocused and causing turnovers they need Bryant's scoring and they need more than 40 points on 36 attempts and freethrows. Just try to contain his scoring we can not win if the supporting cast and him are allowed to have free reign to do as they please. Kobe is a smart basketball player do not let him take the focus off of the real problems of the supporting cast and their rebounds to give second shots can you imagine kobe getting second shots on one of his better scoring games. As George Karl witnessed he can get to scoring zone and it is unstopable so no lead is safe especially a two or three point lead when kobe and fisher can get a good look at the basket. Would it please you to stop kobe from scoring as much and lose the championship for trying that is called a defeated strategy a stratgey that is defeated as soon as it is applied it is a prioritized importantance to stop his supporting cast. We have to work kobe on offense and defense kobe is the type of player that focus and takes control of his game and scoring so you do not want him to get too focused in on scoring you want him to worry about getting and keeping his teammates involved and being a leader for them in other ways than scoring. We want to keep the lakers with disrupted playing and disrupted scoring keeping them with an unbalanced attack offensively and defensively even disprupt their communication. The Lakers are a more experienced playoff team but we can defeat them if we out hustle them if we do not want to outwork the lakers we can not win the championship so we cannot go into the game and let them play smarter than us and outwork us too. We need one of the two to stand any kind of chance of winning. Remember it is best to contain a wildfire first before trying to put it out.
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