Image Resolution or Optical Zoom

June 7, 2009 9:36pm CST
What do you prefer when buy a digital camera? image resolution or optical zoom? I much prefer with optical zoom because I like to shot a object from far away.
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• Australia
8 Jun 09
Resolution is important, but optical zoom is really useful. Unless you have a camera with interchangeable lenses, you can't add to either, so get the most useful combination when you get the camera. Typically cameras have 3x optical zoom lenses; I hardly think that is enough; my current compact has 20x optical zoom (stabilized, of course) and 10 megapixel resolution. I could live with fewer pixels, but not less zoom!
• Pakistan
8 Jun 09
Imaging is world best hobby and business now a days. it's really amazing to capture the moments of happiness, sorrow, etc. Where as if we talk about choosing a camera. it's really very easy to pick up a good camera that can be able to capture your unforgettable moments. And the first feature of camera must be the clarity of picture. and resolution is the other one. I will also prefer a camera with excellent optical zoom. so that i will be able to capture best photos. resolution doesn't matter because clarity of picture is such a big deal. Have a nice time!
@Lenvor (63)
• India
8 Jun 09
I would too prefer optical zoom. Today, even basic cameras have good resolutions, so looking for a good resolution camera wont be a problem.
@Josh1230 (44)
• Canada
8 Jun 09
I like to have a little bit of both I am a big fan of nice perfect clarity pictures that have lots of colour...So i like to take pictures of things that are colourful, and they may be far away, and I also like to have my pictures clear! :P lol
@zackn87 (345)
• United States
8 Jun 09
yeah optical zoom is a great choice if you like to shoot things far away. I would totally prefer that.