Is Working at home over rated?

United States
June 8, 2009 2:05am CST
Is working for home really over rated? Is it because you see all these advertisements talking about how you can work from home and make hundreds to thousands of dollars but what they forgot to mention was that all of those work at home jobs where you can make good money you have to pay to start. As in a real job outside of the home all you really have to do is apply. In actuality though I think that they are actually the same just in different ways cause when you get a job either you're going to have to pay gas money, bus fair ect also so you still pay something? But are these work at home jobs really as good as they seem? If they were wouldn't more people work at home?
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• India
8 Jun 09
I think they are overrated and most of them are scams. Almost every singe work-at-home site I have come across, either asks money as enrolment fee or they need you to sign up a certain number of referrals before they forward you any real work. Either way, there’s always a condition to be fulfilled before you can actually start working (earning is still some distance away) and in most cases, even after you have paid your joining fee or collected your requisite number of referrals, there is no guarantee that you would actually earn anything substantial. In all probability, you would get a few jobs and then the offers will all dry up or you will somehow be found ‘unsuitable’ for the jobs at hand.