which 1 do u prefer as a best pet at home?

June 8, 2009 7:49am CST
do u prefer cat or dog as your pet at home
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• United States
24 Oct 09
I definately prefer cats. I grew up with cats and my very first pet was a cat. When I was younger I had a cat named Sam who loved to sleep in a corner of my crib. I remember walking my cat Sam once when I was three years old. I hade seen this man walk his dog on tv and I thought if the dog can go for a walk so can the cat. I held Sams tail very lighty and walked him around the house. After a few minutes I decided to put Sam in my stroller.
• Singapore
8 Jun 09
i prefer to have a dog at home although i also like cat , i have a dog now and it's a shih tze dog , so, do you have a cat or a dog at home ?
@kryzell (921)
• Philippines
8 Jun 09
I had a cat when I was younger...and that was only once. Most of my pets are dogs. I just feel that they are more fun to be with. And with the cliche, that dogs are men's bestfriend...it seemed to have stucked in my mind that if I'm ever gonna own a pet, it should be a dog, because the can be more than just a pet to me, but also.... my bestfriend.