Never a dull moment

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
June 8, 2009 11:04am CST
I have laughed so. This older gentleman comes in the door looking kinda lost and confused and says to me "I was told to come see you and you would take me to breakfast." I said I would be happy to but I don't drive. He said I'll drive, come away with me. I told him I have a man and one is quite enough thank you. Well, he finally gets to what he needs and wants and I can't help him with all of it and he starts in about what is wrong with this world. The man is a hoot. He actually appeared to be quite serious at first but I found him to be quite full of it. He asked the female customer to run off with him and she said no. I told him he was too fickle, she had heard him ask me first. He said I was jealous, lol. I finally got him on his way to get some tires and he will be back tomorrow to get an alignment. Then, I had one I thought I might have have to run off. She called for an estimate and an appointment the other day. She called back this morning to verify price. I told her, we will check it, if it needs something other than what she thinks it needs I will tell her and we can go from there. She said no, she only wants done what she wants done. I said again, we will check it. If I can't fix it right, I won't fix it at all. She is here. We will see what happens. She is trying to pay me up front. I'm not stupid. Thankfully, it worked out but she came back by and complained about another issue. Well, once again I'm afraid I must remind the world that when you need repairs and want me to know about what is going on you need to tell me what the car is doing, when it is doing it, how long it's been doing it, has it been elsewhere and another mechanic worked on it. But please don't tell me to fix this and only this and then come and tell me you wanted something else checked. The next day the gentleman from yesterday is here and is a mess. I forgot to mention, he gave me a gold dollar yesterday. He gave one to the lady customer too. Then he looked at me and said now I own you. I said well you just got a hand full, ask my friend and family and doctors. This morning her brought 2 large bags of strawberry candies, one for me and one for Barry. Thankfully, there is another customer here waiting so I don't have to try to entertain him on my own. Actually, all of our customers have arrived already. So I am kinda chasing my tail at the moment. Now it's Monday, and once again we are covered up. We have been so busy I'm not able to come hang out like I used to. Now, that isn't a complaint. Generally this time of year things begin to slow ad people try to determine if they are going to go out of town for the holiday or not. I am very thankful for the work, but can I breathe? Just for a minute now and then. See, that way I don't do silly things to hurt myself like trying to hurry and twisting my knee, ouch! So, as I said, things are never boring here. That is why I haven't been here as much. But I am still alive and kicking. I'll get back here again as soon as I have a chance. Till then.....
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