Its been 1 year and my cats still dont get along, ANY ideas??

June 8, 2009 11:49am CST
Its been a year since our male kitten came to join our male 4 year old cat. We have been waiting and trying allsorts to them to get along but nothing, At best they ignore each other sometimes hissing and snarling as they pass and worse they have a full scale brawl. I thought maybe after a few months they would get used to each other, then i reasoned when the kitten was neutered it would be better but still no good! They are both house/garden cats, male and neutured all vacinations up to date etc. They each have their own eating bowls and space as i have tried both options sharing and seperate and that seemed the best option. Does any1 have any ideas???? Many thanks in advance Lucy
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@momiecat (997)
• United States
8 Jun 09
Sounds like you have done everything right. Do you give them equal amounts of attention? I have 2 cats also that don't get along. One intimidates the other and just by getting close to the other cat, the intimidator gets the other cat to growl and cower. I don't think they will ever become friends. I am just very thankful when I don't have to break them up from a fight or a "verbal" tussell. I wonder what would happen if you threw a female into the mix. Oh, no, may be not. :)
9 Jun 09
lol i have enough on with the 2 males let alone a female too! they do both get pleanty of attention, the elder cat is mainly my cat so gets lots of attention from me. The younger one and the most agressive is more the childrens cat as he is a lot friendlier with people than nemo is. Thanks for you reply tho and i am just assuming they will never really get on
• United States
9 Jun 09
You've done everything right, it just seems that the pair you've picked were never meant to get along. I think this is more common between male pairs than females or gender mixes, especially when they were introduced at different ages. My childhood cat, Lemon, still lives at my parents' house at the ripe old age of 18, and he still doesn't get along with his 11 year old "brother." Lemon has gotten to where he can't be let indoors anymore, he freaks out if things get moved around and sprays everywhere despite the fact that he's neutered. My parents have an enclosed back porch with a cat door, so he does have indoor shelter, he's just not allowed into the main house. The younger cat, Lucky, somehow knows this and will attack him if he sneaks in or even tries to come through the door to the kitchen. They constantly fight over sleeping spots on the porch (not violently, just in a "steal it back" kind of way), and steal food from eachother. Occasionally they will play together, but Lucky will hiss at Lemon and run away if he's caught, haha. I'd give your boys more time. They may come around, and they may not. Cats are funny like that. Just make sure you treat them both equally and they'll be ok!
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@Jill22 (265)
• Philippines
2 Jul 09
Cats tend to be jealous with one another! I have five cats here at my house and when I play with one of them , four will get jealous.So thats the reason why sometimes they don't get a long!
• United States
21 Jun 09
You have done everything right. It seems like you give them attention and play with them, so it must just be the cats. They are like humans, if they really don't like the other, it's not going to work. :( hope they will learn to get along. Best Wishes Austin
@Poison_Girl (4163)
• United States
16 Jun 09
Cats are usually territorial and don't like other cats in their space. It seems the only way for cats to get along is to get them both when they're both kittens. When we brought my cat home, our older cat hated her and they never got along. :( It would have been nice if they did, but that's just the way cats are!