Monday 08/06/2009

June 8, 2009 6:47pm CST
It was very hectic monday for me as usual. I'm working early shift for this week, and it starts at 4.30 AM. Good thing about the shift is, its actually over (at 1.30 PM) before lots of people starts their day. lol. Anyway, same old stuff at office. Finished my work and reached home by 2 pm. My GSD "terror", was waiting eagerly for me after breaking 2 new vase (again!). I have just lost count how many he broke since 2007. I just don't know how to make him understand about those vase. My girlfriend haven't noticed it yet. If she does today, well, both of us are going for a long night walk for sure. This is not the first time terror got me in trouble. last month I took him for a walk and took off his leash to let him run here and there in a field. In India most of the open fields you will find herds of cows or other domesticated animals. Terror ended up chasing a herd of cows for a long time, rather than having fun with his mates. So terror chasing cows, me chasing terror, for almost half an hour. Suddenly i saw him running towards me in full pace. The whole cow community is running to get a piece of him. I never ran like that in my whole life. Its like Terror, then me running after him and then the cows. Just like in some comedy movies. Anyway, i spent my evening watching T20 Cricket match between Bangladesh Vs Ireland and then Australia Vs Sri Lanka. Bangladesh and Australia lost, again! and out of the tournament. What a shocker! Going to hit my bed now, will post some more tomorrow. OMG, Terror is running with my shoe. See you guys tomorrow. Got some more running and chasing to do, again!
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