road closed vent

United States
June 8, 2009 10:23pm CST
i am just going to vent a little because they closed a major road and have a detore going past my house and even added another lane witch i think is a very bad idea because there where already a lot of car wrecks in front of my house and now i feel there are going to be many more because of it plus my sons school bus stop is in front of my house and half of the cars don't stop for his bus so i called the city to complain that they need to put up a school zone sighn but of corse they will not call me back so today when my son got of his bus i stood in the middle of the street so that the cars where sure to stop also there was car car wreck on the bridge that all the cars where supose to go across but could not so the traffic was at stand still or a crawl for a little while so that made thinks in front of my house even more crazy the cars would not even let the rescue crew get past or the cops or anthing it was nuts it will be like this until october so my street is going to be a big mess. grrrrrrrr.
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@GardenGerty (101688)
• United States
10 Jun 09
The fact that the traffic would not yield to emergency workers may motivate the city to do something. We had a street by one of our schools that always was gridlocked after school It finally became one way after the police chief got caught in traffic one afternoon.