i hate it when the phone rings...

@ckyera (17209)
June 9, 2009 2:36am CST
in the middle of the night while having a good night sleep... early in the morning when i am not yet ready to rise from bed! it just happen to me and i really don't like it! i was still sleeping when the phone rings early in the morning and mmmmm i hate it coz i sleep late last night and then this phone just disturb my sleep. i almost want to throw it outside or just hang the receiver! of course even if i'm still sleepy i have to get up and answer the phone coz it might be an important one but what makes me more annoyed is when i answered it, its just somebody asking if its this company, if this person is there..blah blah...waaaaaaa its a wrong number! nothings important at all! and i don't know what's in this day that the it seems that our phone have many callers..some are important some are just prank and wrong numbers... another thing about phones, i sometimes gets nervous when it rings...i don't know, just sometime i feel like who's on the other line..what he's going to say, was it bad or good news...i'm paranoid sometimes! huh! how about you? do you have same experience that you get annoyed when the phone is ringing or have you been disturb by this phone calls from people who got a wrong number? do you sometimes get nervous or paranois about calls coming? thanks and have a good day! b:-)