blogging can make you rich?

June 9, 2009 2:37am CST
i never believe in 'earn money online' ... until that day... in our classroom.. my classmates were talking about money.. well.. my ears got big..and so i went near to them.. as i listen... each of my classmates have their own way of earning.. one uses 5-6.. lending money... the other.. networking...popularly known as 'pyramiding'.. ... my other classmate... never talked... he pulled up a receipt from his wallet.. a $400 banged on our eyes.. from Google Inc. he said...he earns by blogging.. Google Adsense.. and so.. i believed since that day.. now.. i'm trying to do his way.. oh GoSh... it's so hard to start.. there is so much to learn.. as i read and researched... i learn.. you can make money much more.. a $400 is just 1/100 of the what you can really make... get to paid blog sites.... click to paid sites... ads.. online jobs.. so many opportunities.. and all you need is guts and patience.. and the most important...EFFORTS.. that's all.. a mere high school gradute can do that.. so what do you do to earn online???
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