RAP can still be an art--it needs to keep evolving though

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June 9, 2009 2:51am CST
Im listening to Doug E Fresh 'Keep Risin To the Top' and it got me thinking-- MAN, Rap is really an art, the rap from back in the day is certainly different from the rap today, Run DMC comes to mind--the 80s to the 90s! Or how about 'Playground' when i was like 10, lol (I crack myself up), no but really, isn't time RAP evolves, get past all the 'ROCS' and 'PHAT BODIES' and really do something phenomenal, just like how it came into existence. Common has a real song about RAP evolving, unfortunately I dont have the name of the song in my mind right now, anybody
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10 Jun 09
im glad others feel this way. if you dont know who rakim is i suggest getting familiar with his music asap. if you like nas you know that he is known as "gods son" well rakim is known simply by "god". I say this all because rakims long anticipated release of his album the seventh seal is confirmed for july 20th of this year. if this album is as amazing as anticipated then this will be the greatest rap album in a long time and will hopefully spark a new wave of genuine artistic hip hop. on top of this several other legends are releasing albums including kool g rap,KRS-One,Dr. Dre,and supposedly Big L has a posthumous album in the works for 09
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19 Jun 09
My apology's for my late response, had some personal things come up, but no-- that's exciting to hear! I definately do love NAS and gonna go right to you tube and check out some of the names your mentioned. I've been watching a lot of news lately so I missed any announcements of a Rakim album. Do you know if they have any promo clips circulating on the internet?
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2 Jul 09
sure do.