What's your opinion about this old man?

June 9, 2009 5:20am CST
This is a story which be written two thousand years ago, it happened in China. An old man was found irrigate his plant near the road. He dug a well, and then dug a tunnel to reach the bottom of the well. Every day the old man take water with a pot through the tunnel to errigate his plant. it need great effort but the effect was little. One day there comes a traveller give him a suggestion: I know a machine, it can get water very easy. do you want to adopt it? "No", the old man didn't even raise his head. "My teacher told me, the man who use mechanism, his heart must be guileful, will not be pure. the nature of human will be destoryed. So I will not use your machine." Now nearly everyone think this old man is fogyish, but I don't think so. what is the sense of life? is it means that we can get as more as our best? nowadays, people can get water from even hundreds meters under the earth's surface easily and rapidly, but is that means nowaday people has a more significative life? or a more happy life? So I think this story needs us to think more about. what's your opinion about this old man?
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@laxmi123 (949)
• India
9 Jun 09
yes your telling is absolutely correct.i listened about this.yes my teacher is also told me about this.but i didn't believe in that moment.but now day i believe this.any how have a nice day.happy my lotting