Should People Eat Pets?

United States
August 27, 2006 4:41pm CST
Some people, especially on farms, keep pigs, cows, chickens, and other such animals as pets; later, they eat them? Is this wrong, or healthier, since you know where your food came from?
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• India
7 Jan 07
no way.i am a strict vegetarian and i hate eating non veg.
• China
4 Sep 06
It would depend on how hungry they are -- when people are really, really hungry they even eat each other!
@arvindak (56)
• India
3 Sep 06
god bless..
@swolecat (1278)
• United States
2 Sep 06
People should not eat pets
@Alexis (220)
• Portugal
2 Sep 06
If you eat it it wasn't a pet.
@alicat (14)
• Australia
1 Sep 06
My dog ran away once so I chopped off its leg and fed it to him, it was all he had to eat for a week, must have been delicious. That dog has not run away since. lol
@Victoria7 (1242)
• Spain
1 Sep 06
People who keep cows, goats, sheep etc hardly view them as pets. As far as eating the meat goes... it´s probably healthier that the meat you buy from the supermarket, you know exactly what the animal has been fed! No additives or bad things in their feed. It is human nature to breed and eat animals, there is nothing morally wrong. If someone wants to be a vegetarian or vegan that´s their choice.
• India
31 Aug 06
ofcourse it has became an usual thing in many countries, many foreign countries eat dogs, but in india they can eat except dog, they eat all the animals except dog. It is not good at all because they are all animals which understand our mentality and it helps us at any time. The cow converts its blood to milk but we drink it without any pain. chicken lay eggs but we eat both like each and every pet is serving in some manner, but we are faithless people eat all these things without knowing its values. Because we are the wild and cruelest animals with speaking and thinking power.
@1summer (275)
• United States
30 Aug 06
its pretty sad if you do.
@Warsig (7)
• South Africa
30 Aug 06
• India
30 Aug 06
its really awesome to eat their own pets. i will inform to blue blood people if i see any such incident...
@abccba (1916)
• Denmark
29 Aug 06
I don't think many farmers look at their cows and pigs as a pet, but just as an animal! I Know a farmer who has a lot of chickens, and he don't see them as pets! They eat them, and sell them as food! If i had any animal as a pet, i could never eat it...
@allie4712 (132)
• United States
28 Aug 06
Eating your pet is fine as long as it's one of the normal things to eat like pigs and cows and stuff like that. never eat a cat or dog. that's just nasty. and I wouldn't say it's healthier but it probally makes you feel a little better about eating it considering you know where it came from.
@Sunset50 (1397)
• United States
28 Aug 06
I could never eat a pet except if it was a cow or goat and needed milking, I would use the milk for cooking.