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June 10, 2009 1:22am CST
I think that this discussion might drive some of you crazy but I want you to all answer this question: What is the Best Thing?
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@coreyvk (17)
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9 Dec 09
Listen to Relient K's "The Best Thing" They pretty much sum up what the best thing is to me. My try to make my faith the best thing but sometimes like all people I don't make it a priority. I make my relationships with friends, girlfriend, or family my "best thing." The best thing to me is happieness. Happieness that comes from doing something great, special, and unique are what can be the best thing to me as well. Even the smallest amount of true happieness is what is truly the "best thing" but when my priorities are in the right place and I find happieness in the right things, then I have truly found my "best thing."
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14 Jan 10
haha, wow that was a deeper answer than i thought i would get on this discussion. You kind of seem like a person I might know...