black magic

June 10, 2009 4:45am CST
for me its the first time i'v loved a boy but for him i'm his 5th girlfriend..after meeting me everything went very well but latter on many problems started cropping up and when we went to see a soothsayer he said tat a close family has done this and we are doing all to remove this from our life but sometimes we feel discouraged thinking that this will separate me and give me your opinion
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@velentina (893)
• Mauritius
10 Jun 09
If you really love someone you should not fear of any black magic, let time do it work. If he is in your destiny everything will go on smoothly and if he is not you just have to forget the past. We do not get the perfect person in meeting or loving just one person. We must try and try until we succeed that is we wet the right person.
• Mauritius
11 Jun 09
ya but we must not sit idle without doing anything...nowadays many people believe in this and i think we lovers must react and fight against it so that it's not too late....what you'll do if this happens to you??
• United States
12 Jun 09
Wow... well my grandmother would tell you to go have spell put on any man women or child that means the relationship ill will. but I think that if you two live together and you bother belive that black magic is against you then do a ceremony that you belive will work to cleans the relationship. Try lighting a candle and you and your man writing any issues that you may have on paper one by one. burn those things and vow to move forward and past this time in your relationship. If you belive you have that power to fix it then you will beable to fix it.