Indians being attacked in Melbourne!!

June 10, 2009 6:24am CST
I don't think all of you are aware of it...So just wanted this topic to be here.. Indians in Melbourne are being attacked and stabbed by Ozs.. Yesterday, another Indian was robbed and stabbed..he had just left the railway station when two men carrying weapons approached him and demanded money! As he searched through his bag to hand over his wallet he was stabbed in the abdomen!! And still, no actions are being taken by the Commission.. What do you think should be done with such people!!
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@kiran8 (15399)
• Mangalore, India
10 Jun 09
Hi whizkid, I think what is happening in Melbourne is very unfair and tragic. many students go there to study after facing so many hardships regarding finace, visa and other related official problems, with the hope of having a better future. When they are targetted in this manner with no rhyme or reason it makes us back in India very apprehensive about mankind in general. Some People seem so very petty and small minded. The government and the police are doing precious little, with only the institutions bothered more about loosing their money which these students brought in after much struggle....I still have not lost hope and feel that justice will prevail .
• India
10 Jun 09
Really, I hope something will definitely be done about this serious issue.. God, give those insane people some mind, and some heart!!