what is the best estudy method

June 10, 2009 7:35am CST
i try it all. repeat every line, memorize every sentence.even try to do magical things. sometimes made promises, walk to the most far town, dont drin anymore. all absolutely all, but when is time to make the preparation of a test my body since to explode. what is the best solution? dont tell me the "matrix" solution (remember the movie: when they need to know somethins simply plug in in the mind the knowing the need) Anyway what is the best method to keep in the mind all the keys to be the best ... if you know the trick share it please!!!!!
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• India
10 Jun 09
Here are few steps to succeed in your studies: 1. Have early morning study. Do not study until late night. Wake up early in the morning and study. Because, during evening times, your mind is not yours! You tend to think of all that happened the whole day. There may be joys or may be some pains. Whatever it may be. It'll definitely interrupt your studies. You'll lose your concentration. Then what you do will be just waste of time. Opening your eyes and seeing you book while your mind sees somewhere. It's useless. On the other hand, in early hours of the day, you are fresh after a nice sleep. Your mind will be free of all the thoughts. A fresh mind is the best thing while you study. So, have early morning study. 2. Read by your mind and not by your vocals. When you read your subject louder, you'll have the feel that you're studying. But your mind may be somewhere else. But if you study by your mind, you will get complete concentration. You can easily identify whether you are concentrating or not. 3. To keep the keys in your mind, the only thing you need to do is, write them often. That's the only thing which will help you keep things in mind. 4. Most Important: Practice Yoga. It's the solution for all your problems. IT's extremely powerful and will fetch you great memory and extreme concentration! See my other discussion http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2033638.aspx to see how powerful Yoga is!