@jessi0887 (2794)
United States
June 10, 2009 10:35am CST
Okay i know there are other moms in here who have kids with adhd. I have been struggling with my son having sleep trouble. The doctor mentioned adhd once. And it does kind of make sense. He is always hyper. Doesn't want to sit still. Not to mention i may of had it as a child myself. The reason why I am posting this is because I hate going to the doctor for advice all the time. He looks at me sometimes like im nuts but I am just a concerned mother. First question I have is it normal for a child with adhd to have sleep disturbances or not? I read it is but then I also read sleep disturbances can lead to adhd. So which one is it. Second question is how is adhd treated? I can't go places without my son wanting to run around and get into things. Like walmart. If I dont let him run around he throws a fit. THen I end up just leaving out of embarrasment. I can't even sit threw church because of him. There is another toddler who is a little older then him and is always sitting still through church and other stuff. He is real good about it. I really dont know what else to ask. but can some other moms give me some advice.
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