i really am useless

United States
June 10, 2009 11:29am CST
i am the only person i know who got fired from paper route. i took over the neighbor's route while she is on vacation, was only going to do it for a week. the first day i had car trouble. it kept stalling and would not start again. all of the papers were between one and two hours late. the second day i fell in the dark while trying to put a paper on the porch, as the list directed. i sprained my left wrist, sprained my left ankle, and bruisedand cut my right knee. i was limping and bleeding, but i finished the route. again everything was about one to two hours late. today the car that i JUST GOT OUT OF THE SHOP stalled out again and would not start. so, again, everything was drastically late. the boss called and said he would finish the paper route for the rest of the week, until my neighbor gets home to take it back over. this has not been a good week. i've never even heard of anyone being fired from a paper route before.
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• Regina, Saskatchewan
10 Jun 09
I've been fired from three paper routes that I remember. The first one when I was a kid, the second when my oldest son had one and I helped him, and the third time when my youngest son had one..........and HE was the one that fired me! LOL So you're not alone and you're certainly not useless! Just unlucky. Welcome to the club!