Breaking News!

June 10, 2009 2:09pm CST
How many times have you seen that phrase on the news channels? I really do think they should change they way they present some of these issues. For instance, 20 years ago if you heard that some suicide bomber blew himself up in Iraq or Afghanistan you would be shocked and it would shake you a little bit, but now a days they seems to be a suicide bomber everyday in those regions and so I don't think it should be classified as "breaking news" its should just be regular news, as people are not as shocked as they were before. My understanding of the phrase "breaking news" means something unexpectedly happening. For example Princess Dianna's death, that was shocking as you never would have thought that a princess like that would die so suddenly so that definitely fits the profile "breaking news" or the 9/11 disaster, that was unexpected and so that classifies as breaking news.. but introducing the first dog in the white house under Obama is seriously not breaking news! I hope I'm making my point clear as I find it annoying every time I see breaking news and its just another suicide bomber in Iraq or Afghanistan, or Israel who is fed up of life.. now if this suicide bomber blew himself up in London, or Paris, or New York, Sydney then that would be breaking news because its very rare to find a suicide bomber in these regions.. Did you ever notice this too?
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