Do you care about the demo videos in the ads?

video demos in the ads - This is the demo video that some of the advertisers used to show their product or service
@kumarpslv (3218)
June 10, 2009 2:53pm CST
We are browsing so many ads in the PTC,PTR and traffic exchange sites every day. Among the ads, some advertisers used to explain their products or services with the help of some videos. If I come across such ads, I will not stay there even for few seconds what ever may be the ad or site.On seeing the demo video itself, I used to get highly tensed and I don't know the reason for that. Will you consider such demo videos?
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• Finland
10 Jun 09
I don't like them, especially if they're loud and not easily spotted. It's really irritating when suddenly some dude starts explaining about their "turn your smelly old socks into $1000,000's"-ideas just when you're listening to a good song or especially when you're not listening to anything but you have forgot your speakers on and VERY LOUD.