Your ambition

@applepod (224)
June 10, 2009 3:42pm CST
What's your dream job/career? What are you doing to reach it?
3 responses
• China
11 Jun 09
Hi,applepod!Actually,I'm not sure about the future.I have always dreamed of being a writer.I know it sounds kinda imaginary.A good writer should not make a living on their works.They need inspiration to create nice works.Now I just write short articles about what I see and my personal view.I don't want to be a professional writer,and it's far better to keep writing as my interest.
• Philippines
11 Jun 09
I have a lot of dream jobs, hope you don't mind. One of my dream is to be a good computer programmer. Develop state of the art technologies, high quality software and design web applications in big company's businesses. Another is, if ever I'd be given a chance to be an animator. Cartoons interests me and I'm fascinated on how they move and bring them to life. I also dream to be popular, though not really necessary, maybe a vocalist of a rock band or a solo artist, he's just a dream career. I'm not doing anything in making it happen. Computer Programming is pretty hard, gives me a headache but I can manage it. By now I'm reviewing my lessons in school and practicing my programming skills. I'm planning to learn more new languages because these languages are now being used by some software and web companies. I have to update. On my past time, I draw comics and compile them.
@doggyhouz (548)
• United States
10 Jun 09
My dream job is to become a Financial Analyst. I hope this field doesn't require to much of English. My English language or writing abilities aren't so great. What I am doing currently to achieve this is that I screwed my head on straighter now. I stop attending college for a long time and I finally went back when I found this as my passion. I stuck through school and passed all my classes with extremely good grades compared to my High School and pre-college experience attempts. Now I am finally transferring into a 4-yr institution and I am very proud I came so far.