who has contributed the most musically in your life?

June 10, 2009 9:20pm CST
I think the most pleasuable memories i have from music would be the likes of THE BEATLES ABBA MEATLOAF ELVIS PRESLEY JOHN FARNHAM COLD CHISEL JOHN LENNON.....just to name a few...and all for a reason The Beatles i remember singing along as a young boy with my mother, Abba because they always seemed to be singing songs that stuck in your head for days. Elvis Presley was loved by nearly every second person i spoke to, or so it seemed, and i remember times i would sit up all night with friends, drinking, playing cards and listening to Elvis. John Farnham because he is the best live act i have ever seen, Cold Chisel because they were the best Aussie rock band in my opinion, aND...John Lennons, Imagine is possibly the best song of all time. Without doubt in my mind Bat Out Of Hell..Meatloaf, is the best Album of all time. What are your thoughts?
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