Which is the most memorable, Photographs or Videos?

@calvin222 (1607)
November 12, 2006 7:19am CST
whow would you rather store away your memories on Photographs or Videos?
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@wynna1 (1291)
24 Dec 06
I think they're both ok really but with the video there's a possibility as well that the disc may get damage and you lose the the scene you capture(so always keep a copy of it just in case) and with pictures, it last a long time really if you handle it with car. Both got its own uses really.
@andy_baex (428)
• Indonesia
23 Dec 06
i had rather videos because more remembering than photograps, but photograps is okey,and more simple than videos but it is easy broke than videos.... have nice day guys
@jimotman (633)
• Indonesia
23 Dec 06
both, because each of them has different purposes as photographs can only show still pictures so it's suitable when you have a very good moment, and in videos you can recall the memory even better as there's sound and moving pictures.
@juliedee (2388)
12 Nov 06
I think videos are far better because you get all the sounds as well.
@abeerali (383)
• United Arab Emirates
12 Nov 06
Videos are better...but yea photographs can b seen nytime nywhere widout need of ny technology