Eye Strain

June 11, 2009 7:56am CST
Duh. Anyone who has worked using computers for considerable--and sometimes, not at all considerable--hours on end would say they develop eye strain. Hey, lots of computer geeks wear glasses. I need advice on this. Aside from wearing glasses with glare lenses, how do you keep the radiation away. I mean, if you really have to work on something, hours off isn't going to help. Sharing stuff about strengthening eye muscles won't be so bad either. Thanks much. :)
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• India
12 Jun 09
if u really want to work a lot of hours .. i will suggest something which will involve a budget. If u r using CRT monitor switch to LCD. It helps a lot. LCD has very low radiation and eye strain wont be there. You can actually work for hours without any strain.
• Philippines
11 Jun 09
After long hours of work on the computer DO NOT, I mean DO NOT wash your face. Take a little time off first, close your eyes rest them and after 15 minutes then you can go ahead and wash your face along with your eyes. I have been advised by an ophthalmologist(?) to do just that because I work on the computer and suddenly my eyesight became poor. So just a precaution think about my advise.