Do you have moral values?

June 11, 2009 8:37am CST
My professor in Logic gave our class this situation, and asked us to answer a question in the end. He said he would learn if we were moral or not, after answering: You are a married man. Your wife is pregnant. At as early as three months, the doctor sits both of you down and tells you that your wife has a heart disease, which is fatal. He tells you that you are to make a choice: Let the baby grow and deliver it at the time comes while you let your wife die, or abort the baby and save the woman you love? Which would you choose? I told my professor that I would choose to deliver the baby and try to make the last months of the wife as happy as I could. And he told me I understood morality, and that I could go on and serve in the government.
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@modstar (9612)
• Philippines
12 Jun 09
I would like to know your professor then challenge him on a debated about this. What did he use to gauge morality here? The baby? If i let my baby live then let my wife die, then i have moral values? What's the connection of it in serving the government? I think your logic professor is illogical. No offense but that's how i feel. He is too subjective for a Logic professor, don't you think? Did you ask him why you understood morality? Is it because you were selfless? Would it even be the practical choice? For the man, is it that easy for us to choose like picking between apples and oranges?
@thumbd (71)
• China
11 Jun 09
hey ragenepalma Under that situation, I would choose my wife definitely, maybe there're some new tech in the furture, so that we could get a chance to have a baby again, but if my wife gone, it's a broken family and I think it's too much pain for me. Have a nice day!
• United States
11 Jun 09
wow what a choice to let your baby live or let your wife. Its a difficult choice I would pick my wife because we can unfortunately try again when the time is right. shes the other part of me and i wouldn't want her to leave me like that.