About Judging People

June 11, 2009 9:30am CST
There are times when I just don't get it. People on people's necks. Job racing. Throat-slitting. And all because of differences. I mean, come on. There are Christians claiming to be Christian, but all they give the Jews and Muslims are discrimination. Don't get me wrong, I'm Christian. Catholic. I have my beliefs, but that doesn't stop me from judging people. Why is it that some people are offended by funky hairstyles or radical clothes or even loud colors? Conservatism isn't bad, but it isn't good when it is used to judge artistry. Why can't we just respect people for who they are and give them the chance to express themselves? (I mean, if we think that what they're doing is wrong, could we please say things properly, not rudely? Can't we quietly pray for them if we want to? Can't we try to spread what we believe in by not ruining other people? By not judging them? By looking at the better side, not the bad?)
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