making money is difficult especially this recession period

June 11, 2009 10:27am CST
recession is everywhere.. i hear from many people that they were terminated from their respective jobs. its depressing to see families without an income. you could imagine how difficult it is to pay monthly dues and bills. Families who do not have much savings, suffer a lot. i have a friend's uncle who lost his job. thankfully his wife is working to support the family. do you have friends and family that suffered recession? what do you think the victims can possibly do to overcome this situation? they not only suffer from financilly but also mentally. Dont you all think so?
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12 Jun 09
what do i think the victims can do to possibly overcome this situation? easy. build a time-machine, go back to the time they knocked up their gf, and wear a rubber. or, go back to the time their gf "accidentally" forgot to take the pill, and ensure she takes it.