Do you help your neighbors?

@dhawanbm (3705)
June 11, 2009 11:03am CST
Neighbors always need out help and its me who is the best person to help them out, ask why, is it something I like doing the most or some hidden thing, Oh yes their daughter, she is amazingly beautiful and full of life, Ya I sometimes have nice time with her, when she needs my help or else! Do you help your neighbors?
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@ucue2008 (926)
• Malaysia
14 Jul 09
Of course I do. You see, when we having any problem, the closed person will be our neighbor, so, its kind logical to help them out. Moreover if we stay far away from our family, it should the closed person to us that we will ask for help, right? I believe if we do good to people, we will also get good thing.
@pkc3000 (1268)
• India
11 Jun 09
he friend I am fortunate that I am having good neighbor, who is very helpful. My neighbors always extend his smile face with helping hand. Whenever they need my help I am gladly extending my efforts to help them. Not only neighbour I always extend my helping hand to others who need my help at any time at any point. Helping others means helping God. pkc3000
@whizkid08 (715)
• India
11 Jun 09
I don't!! Actually, they don't deserve any help. I would like to share the reason as to why so! 1-2 years ago, we had a serious water crisis in our state including our city. My personal bore well gave up soon and we asked our neighbors for some water and they said "NO" !! Damn, those nuts!! I would never go and help such people..