Leaving the United States or your continent yet?

United States
June 11, 2009 3:22pm CST
I'm 25 and has never left the United States to visit. Anyone older or younger that hasn't left out continent? Or never left their state? I took me until I was 21 to leave the states to visit Las Vegas =). I still haven't left the US.
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4 Aug 09
yeah if i had the money i would love to travel all over the world. i never left the state and much of the city of san francisco. i would love to go to japan,hong kong, and germany. maybe one day i will come true just like everything else i wish for.
• United States
5 Aug 09
Those are great places. I hope one day I become wealthy enough to go to those places. My favorite out of your pick would be Japan. They have all the neat entertainment. I hope the ladies are nice there.
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3 Aug 09
I've never flew out of the United States. That is because I have a fear of flying. I only go around my state because the bus rides are just way to long and uncomfortable. I hate flying which probably explains why I haven't left the continent yet. One day I hope that they create a pill where I can sleep for 15 hours so I can travel across the world. Or maybe some new safe way of traveling across the earth in a fast an effienctly safe way.
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5 Aug 09
Same here. I wish I could. Maybe one day when I become more wealthy I'll take a trip overseas. But in the mean time I must form a more solid foundation before attempting to spend that kind of money to travel. But I would travel within the country.
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
16 Jun 09
Yeah- you need to go out more! Which state do you live in now? I live in Cali - and love it out here! TONS to see - and still have not seen all of it. I'm on a mission to visit all the other 49 states before I'm 30 ( I got 6 years left). So far I've visited - AZ, OR, WA, CO, NV, MO, FL, MA - I can't think of the others off the top of my head. Anyways - you should take advantage of this recession (if you have money) - it's not that expensive to fly from coast to coast these days! Check out southwest.com - they have the cheapest domestic flights (most of the time). Get out of your comfort zone and travel - life is too short to get stuck and only know your immediate surrounding.
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7 Aug 09
I enjoy riding Virgin America. But I occassionally cash United Airways. I prefer Virgin America because its a new plane and they have interactive entertainment. But now i'm not picky because they all now charge for check-in luggage. Which digs deeper into our pockets, as if the ticket price wasn't enough. Airlines need to figure out how to operate it efficiently without too much cost. God bless
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
13 Jun 09
I live in Europe. Aged 19 I set off to Africa and the Caribbean. In my twenties I went to North America, Australasia and Asia. In my thiries I went to Central America. I haven't yet been to South America or Antartica yet in my lifetime. I hope to go to Colombia, Peru and Brazil. I doubt I will ever afford to go to the Antartica because it is so expensive to visit. I hope that you will explore as much of the world as you wish to in the future. Good luck.
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• United States
15 Jun 09
Wow, that is amazing that you went to so many places. I am jealous =). I live in North America, which state did you go and visit at? Did you have family there? Wow I never knew Antarctica was an expensive place to visit. By any chance would you know why it is expensive to go to Antarctica? How much is room and board? Plane Ticket average?