is he succesful

@qiyunhai (254)
June 11, 2009 9:54pm CST
last night, my classmate call me that he has been promoted to be a department managet. it's obivious that he is very happy.and i say some good word to him. then i think by myself, does it mean it's succesful for him as he alway say the job is boring and he doen't like it except the high salary, so how to define successness?
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@pengbubu (1015)
• China
23 Jun 09
I don't think so, I mean success is also a meaning of happiness, do you think so?
• Malaysia
16 Jun 09
Different people has different definition to success. Success can be ranged from small matter like accomplish a certain tough task tovery big matter like being the CEO of a company etc. It solely based on individual to define whether he himself is successful or not. ANyway, congratulations to your friend.
• Malaysia
16 Jun 09
The definition of successful is different to every people, some think that as long as he get the higher position in a company, then he is success, some think that as long as he get much money, then he is success. I guess to your friend, the salary he get is much more important than whether he likes the job, so in another mean he is so called successful.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
12 Jun 09
I think to him its success. As we go over the ladder in rank, it gives us pleasure.Plus the definition of success is different to different people.So getting promotion is good.
@flaky03 (225)
• Philippines
12 Jun 09
Success is defined in terms of one's effort and fulfillment on his work in a positive way. In short he should have reached the level of contentment along with satisfaction without stepping other's rights or happiness.