Why did you originally join myLot?

United States
June 12, 2009 4:27am CST
We have a load of new users everyday who all come here searching for a different thing, maybe a common purpose. I came here to earn some great money and I found this site through a Google search. I have to say ever since that day I've been satisfied and happy I joined this site. Who here has come to myLot seeking new ways to do things... earn money, parent, eat healthier? How did you find myLot and were you searching for it or did it find you?
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• United States
12 Jun 09
I don't deny it. The reason I joined MyLot was for the money. Okay, I never believed I was going to be anywhere close to being rich through MyLot. But hey, getting money is getting money. And I definitely needed some sort of way of getting extra income at the time. Of course that's why I JOINED. I stay because MyLot is a great site. Earning money is just a very nice addition. The way I found MyLot was through a Squidoo article I found when I did a search on Yahoo. The article talked about several sites and I thought MyLot sounded easy and fun enough to try out.