benefits n experiences of meditation..??

@drdivu (1011)
June 12, 2009 7:27am CST
can u pls let me know the benefits of meditation and ur experiences during meditation..??? i dont have many experiences with meditation...this wil give me boost to start meditating again...
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• Singapore
19 Mar 10
True meditation is not about benefits and experiences!!!! Certainly meditation, is good for us in many ways but not the kind of "benefits" that you are thinking about. The ability to sit still and relax in a quiet and peaceful setting is already a wonderful "experience". That is just the beginning of meditation and a great achievement in itself. Meditation is about enhancing physical and mental well-being It is very simple, if we do not talk about yoga and and other complex forms of meditation. The simplest from of meditation is to sit down comfortably, "relax" and focus on our breathing. Be aware and feel your breath moving slowly in and out your nostrils - count(mentally) 1..2..3..4..5..6 as you inhale then hold your breath for a very brief moment, then count 1..2..3..4..5..6 as you exhale. If you find 6 counts too long reduce to a more comfortable count. Repeat the same throughout the period when sitting still and relaxed (10-15 minutes for a start and increasing the duration as you progress). When you can do that you are off to a very good start. Expecting benefits and special experiences is by themselves distractions when we are meditating and it is not going to lead you anywhere, because by doing so you are not at all focused. Do not expect or think about or expect benefits/experiences (which you might have heard very much about). Just relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility. You may not be aware of this - that the deep breathing is doing you a lot of good. Air is the Life Force which most of us take for granted. By deep breathing we are actually taking in more air and that in turn would activate and charge up our bodies' energy level and make us feel good and healthy. That alone is already a great "benefit". That is so much about meditation I would like to share at the moment. The most important thing I must stress again is - Don't expect anything else. Just relax and be conscious of your breathing.
• United States
17 Nov 09
well i probably don't have many experiences compared to some people, but i do like doing it. well you can follow your breath, this will relax you. i do this sometimes informally. also that third eye thing! lol. but this is funny, because sometimes when i close my eyes trying to sleep there is an eye staring at me! lol. but 'seeing' things is fun... it is also nice during meditation. but i find that during my rational moments in the day i am sometimes wondering what happened? meditation uses the intuition for me. but also focus. it would probably be neat to have a teacher to teach you to meditate. although i do not go to one. it would probably be a different experience. i am hesitant to say any alternative things to do. it seems that everybody really likes the focusing part. i like that too, it is relaxing.