Reason for Mishap: Who knows what could happen in life?

June 12, 2009 11:40am CST
Our life is a mystery.. we do not know what happens next in our lives. it is depressing to hear about accidents, disaster, calamities everyday in newspapers, news channels etc. every living creature on this earth must die someday.agreed! it is not in our hands, it is God who determines our birth and death. but do you think accidents, terrorist attactks, plane crash(recent plane crash in France)are because of lack of security and carelesness, destiny or God's plan? Do you think if we took enough security measures and cautions we could avoid those mishaps? (especially the plane mishap in France)do you think it is the destiny or is it God's plan? If it is destiny no matter how careful we are, mishaps can happen. however, in some cases people are careless and blame God and their destiny. What Do you think about it?
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@visavis (5945)
• Philippines
28 Oct 10
Hi there actually our life for me is not mystery it is open book, it is gift from God. He created us through His plans, love and fashion. I did not believe in accident or mishaps all things happening to us are according to God's plan, blue print and purpose. Some situation are happining or happened to us because God doing His action, His purpose, but in our thinking all of these bad things happening are something done, or accident. God control eveything, planned everything, under His purposes... see you around..
@luna198 (96)
• China
13 Jun 09
Do you believe that God is there?i don't think so.when the accident happens,what we should do is reduce the losses,sometimes even the most times the calamity is not people can control,so get every a happy day is the most important thing in our life,do you think so?
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
Accidents do happen and we could not do anything about it. Even we took all the security measures it may occur. The mystics say that we could change our destiny that is why God gave us free will for our to decide what we want to do with our life, to make most of it but it is really God who decides whether what would happen to us in the end. I believe in the saying that things just always don't work out the way you planned. God knows what's best for everyone so sometimes eventhough we liked something or aiming for something He still gives what would be the best for us.
• India
12 Jun 09
Yes, it is sometimes due to carelessness of the people and blaming God for these mishaps. But if they take all the security measures, they could avoid these mishaps. Only atmost situations , where there is no mistakes on security measures leading to a mishap is done by God. According to me, if God likes to destroy people , he will do that naturally through disaster or through diseases like heart-attack etc.. Earthquake is one of the God's desire to destroy people. Similarly flood,drought etc., are decided by God. All the other accidents are due to human being(95%).