Phone or Computer?

June 12, 2009 12:18pm CST
I need a piece of portuguese and wanted to know some opinions to terminate it: If I were to choose between having a phone and a computer, which you choose? Please Jusify
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@alvingb (265)
• Singapore
12 Jun 09
hi there, well basically two of these things are very essential in the current world and society that we live in. it is almost impossible to go around with either of it actually. But to be place in a situation of whether to choose a phone or a computer, i think the best bet would be to go for a computer. Well my take on this would be a computer basically can do anything and almost everything that a phone can do. Take for instance communicating with someone, or to put it simply to talk to someone over the phone. Well the computer can actually do it. well the internet is so wide and there are so many programs that actually allow you to communicate with people all the over world. an example would be skype. well by using skye you can actually communicate with people all the over the world anytime and the best part of it all is you dont have to pay telephone charges for that. Well the only bill we would be paying is the interenet and i am sure its not going to be as expensive then a call made overseas to using a phone. Well there are many other advantages that the computer has over phone. well but as for me i think this one basic and simple example that the computer has over phone. Anyway have a great day and happy mylotting. best reagards, alvingb