Meanless or Not?

June 12, 2009 1:23pm CST
Love?, are there person who really care about LOVE. If yes please share with me because right now i'm really in bad shape of thinking of that word.
2 responses
@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
we are all interested when it comes to the word LOVE. it's a priceless gift that we could ever have from our family, friends, relatives, and special someone. maybe you're just hurt that's why now you're beginning to hate love.
• Malaysia
13 Jun 09
i'm totally agree with you. All people will feel the same went it came to LOVE.
@clutterbug (1051)
• United States
12 Jun 09
Hi Johar, I care about Love, and people. Not so much romantic love, but love for my fellow man. We are all in this life together, trying day by day to survive, and love helps us to survive tough times. Are you doing okay?
@paulzyl (116)
• India
12 Jun 09
Hey, LOVE,in my view or perfect LOVE is this--- Striving for the betterment of others irrespective of the physical nature or attributes which includes everything like apearance,color,smell,voice,behaviour,etc...By that way,it can be concluded that purest LOVE can be defined as a Nature rather than a verb or action kinda thing...I think if you think deeply you might end up with something like this.Only one person made an example of it...this is my view