first fairytale youve remember..

June 12, 2009 3:10pm CST
back when we are young, our parent mostly our mothers and grandmother love to tell us fairy tales before going out of bed. they even tell stories when they want to teach us what good manners from bad ones.. i remember my mom before tucking us to bed, she would tell us the story of Pinochio. a puppet who had his wish come true by becoming a human being. but his nose gets longer everytime he tell a lie.. my mother said that no matter how bad we did, we should not lie a bout it, coz being a liar, makes you a sinner. how about you.. whats the first fairytale that you heard or read or remember when your young?! dos it have effect in your life and belief now..
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• India
12 Sep 09
My mother used to tell me stories relating to real life. I used read comics and children books from an early age. I am not sure which was the first fairy tale I read. It might be 'Sleeping Beauty'. However the first fairy tale I liked was 'Peter Pan'.