Granny Goose brand of chips

@momiecat (997)
United States
June 12, 2009 3:40pm CST
Does anyone remember the Granny Goose brand of potato chips, corn chips, etc.? Recently someone gave me a thank-you gift of Granny Goose corn chips which are like Freetos. I was pleasantly surprised at their lighter taste and flavor. I have not seen this brand in the stores for a long time. I had almost forgotten about it. To my surprise, I found that, if this is representative of their other products, I would definitely seek out to purchase this long forgotten brand more often. On reading the package, it says that they have been producing quality snacks since 1946! It does not say where they manufacture their products but it lists a distributor in Los Angeles. It has been a pleasant taste discovery for me to renew acquaintances with this old "friend".
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