What do you think about Apple's computer range..?

June 12, 2009 5:18pm CST
I was myself thinking about getting a mac, i have finally got the money & i can get the student discount that comes with an iPod touch as well. However.. i have heard nightmare stories from people i know with Mac's and i am looking for what you think & know about them to help me come to a hypothesis !
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• United States
13 Jun 09
I think macs are great - upfront. But also, most of my friends really promote them too, just an interesting contrast to the nightmares you've heard. Even if they are PC users they generally feel that Macs atleast have the advantage when it comes to software, but a lot of them aren't willing to fork up the cash. If you really are thinking about getting a Mac, you should know they've recently made their Macbook Pro's a lot more affordable! The 13" Macbook pro is only 1199 now, and since you said you're a student you'd also get the discount, making it only $1099! That's a great price, especially when you can sell the iPod touch you get with it for about 200 bucks on ebay. That's under 1000 now!If you are viewing this post, it was written June 12th so the macbook pro isn't really all that new anymore(the one I was talking about). If you want to see about how soon the new ones come out, follow this link: http://breakchange.com/buyguide