Parents that point the finger..

@jugsjugs (13045)
June 12, 2009 7:10pm CST
Have you noticed if a child has a bit of a reputation due to a behaviour problem that all the mothers in a play ground or shopping cener point their finger and say look at that mother? Well my son is 6 years old and they can point as much as they like as my son is not having a temper tantrum and there is a reason for the way he is.Some parents want to have a closer look at their own children and them being nasty rather than saying nasty things to their children about other children in the school and at the shop.What do you think?
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@doormouse (4619)
15 Jun 09
I have exactly the same problem,my son who has behaviour problems gets picked on where we live by the older kids,i've tried to sort this out with the parents but coz my son has these problems he's apparently always the one that starts it.No one believes me when i say it's their kids picking on mine coz he's different,i no my son isn't an angel and he's really hard work,but i've actually seen what the other kids have done to him,he often comes home with scratches and red marks where the bullies have got.But of course it's always MY son that starts it,never their little angels
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13 Jun 09
I learned a long time ago to never say " I would never do that or never allow my child to do that", because after you have children, you will most likely find yourself or your child doing the exact same thing. Never say "Never" is my motto.