Do you use Umbrella in rain?

@dhawanbm (3705)
June 12, 2009 9:23pm CST
Its a fascinating experience to get wet in rain a natrual source of water! I just love to be like that, dont use umbrella or raincoat! Its very hot out here and we are waiting for the rains to shower there blessings so we can enjoy the nature! Do you use umbrella in rains?
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• India
15 Jun 09
rain is the boon of god.. its a nice gife for the humanbeings. we should welcome that and not show thw opposition in the way of showing the umbrella.
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@dodo19 (33609)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
21 Jun 09
No, I don't always carry an umbrella with me, when it's raining. A lot of the times, I don't even have one. I just walk through the rain, as though it was a sunny day. Even though it isn't. But, if it's raining very hard, then I'll probably carry an umbrella with me, though this really doesn't happen very often at all. I'm just not the type of person, who minds the rain at all.
@roanne05 (1292)
• Oman
17 Jun 09
only when it is really hard, but never the less, it is fun walking in the rain.
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
As much as it would be a good feeling to get wet from another natural source of water, I just can't take the risk of getting sick afterwards. Eve though that it is also hot here in our country, getting sick would make us think twice on singing or dancing in the rain. I use to recall once when we were still small that we'd do just that when the rain was so strong but, mild at the same time. I'd play with my friends, built paper boats and have them float by, knowing that it could clog up drainages that it could go to. Now a days, you just can't do those things anymore, thinking of the things that you can get from simply enjoying yourselves in the rain..
@Preciousgem (1190)
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
I use umbrella when i going to somewhere, because it is better to be alert than to be sick in the rain, for the time that many virus that comes to our country it is better to safe than sorry, then we can get flu and cough from there, if ever i forgot my umbrella i use to stay in place that have a cover whenever the rain stop then i shall go.
@Bearballew (1149)
• United States
13 Jun 09
Nope. There's just somethign about getting wet and not being able to do a thing about it. (Speaking of, I jsut saw lightning! Better shut 'er down soon, eh?) I come from the " Great frozen North". I don't wear coats in the snow either. They are so bulky! It needs to be about 20 before I'm bundled up!! I'm pretty sure my barometer is broke. LOL! Great discussion!
@kalaga (550)
• United States
13 Jun 09
Well...i love rain.Boys are walking in rain it is ok...but if it is girls people will look at u like u r crazy or something else.i am afraid of that.but whenever i can i did enjoy and played in the rain.once me and my friends sat on steps in the rain and we had some nice conversation.we enjoyed it a lot. i dont prefer rain in cold seasons.if it is summer that fun is entirely different.but in general when iam outside i use umbrella.sad ...i know.
@19850123 (15)
• China
13 Jun 09
My firend he doesnt use umbrella in rains ,even a heavy rain .
@anneshirley (1517)
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
I can't remember the last time I bathe in the rain! When I was little, I used to play in the rain often and I am always very happy. Now that I am adult, I still miss playing in the rain but my situation tells me that I can't do it anymore. I am keeping an umbrella with me always. It serves as my protection when the sun is so hot to the skin as well as when it is raining. But if it is just raining a little, I will let myself feel the rain but if it is raining hard, I have to use it.