Dark days in your life

June 12, 2009 10:41pm CST
what is your dark days in life? the time when you lost someone? the time when you stuck in your career? or the time when you look around and find there's not a hand that someone is willing to lend to you, there's noone can hold you when are to fall down? what is the day to you? To me, i don't know, they all could be dark days to me, but lucky that i haven't lost someone i care, i still have good good friends there to warm me.but these days i have been quite lame at work, and to me, i m feeling it is the dark days to in my life. i m ambitious, yet i m sort of impatient to some people/ it has been one year after stepping to work, but seems that i still haven't seen any good direction lying ahead. Good ideas and plans turn into aborption, and still looking at roads and roads upthere yet not having enough guts to take one of them. i have been thinking about switching the job, but somehow my heart is telling me i can't, i need to wait. but my heart is also telling me, you should go for the thing that you like most, interests come first or financial concerns come first. i m scared of time, it passses too quickly, i can't catch up its pace before i can settle down on something that i really like very much, that i really have great passion towards it. where are you if you were there as me?
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• India
13 Jun 09
I also had these dark days in my lifetime. I lost my friends when I transferred from my place to another place for study purposes. I don't know anyone and don't know how they behave with me, even they have different language. Those are my dark periods that I recovered only after a few months. Now, I am feeling better than that situation. I have friends to hold up my hands now. Great recovery!
• China
13 Jun 09
yea, really thanks to your sharing. life goes on, and we just can't bow our head to the rough barries.