An seminar on hr metrics

Destruction of human resource - Destruction of human resource in many companies
June 12, 2009 11:54pm CST
Is anyone aware of hr metrics? HR metrics or the Human resource plays a vital role in any organizational performance. Human capital management is vital for any business to be successful. I have studied many articles on hr metrics. Have you ever undergone such topics. Now, in the recession period i felt like going to such type of an article as human resource is getting depleted in many organization. My well known freinds who are very skilled were removed from the organization due to recession, which is an great injustice to them. Their skills and talent became unrecognizable due to the recession. I suggest that a better hr pracising organization doesn't undergo any such type of ill operations as better HR METRICS keeps an organization going on and on. Now it has become a difficult situation to get a job once after a removal. When will this recession come to an end?
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