The Nancy Drew Stories written by ghostwriters-Isn't it an insult to Carolyn?

June 13, 2009 12:37am CST
Nancy Drew books were my addiction when I was a kid. I was lucky enough to have a class teacher who had the old and original Nancy Drew books like the Secret of the Old Clock, Mystery of Hollow Oak and others. It was the best time of my life, with all those books. After a few years, I had searched for Nancy Drew books in some shop and had found some that were Nancy Drew Books-58, 59 or something like that. And it was entirely a disastrous one. It didn't match up to the expectations! I found out from the net that most of the later stories are written by Ghost Writers under her name. But after reading these stories, I just have one question in mind... Aren't these people insulting Carolyn Keene's stories? Isn't it defaming the author? Isn't it making us lose our love for these books? And how are all these works passing through the Editor's hands? Don't you all feel bad about this? Don't you feel that they should stop doing this?
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• Manila, Philippines
20 May 13
There has never been a Carolyn Keene in the first place. That name was the pseudonym used by Nancy Drew ghostwriters.
• Philippines
1 Mar 12
Oh wow, I didn't know until now that some of the Nancy Drew series were written by ghostwriters. Haha and now it's 2012. So old news, so new to me. Anyway, I also love the old Nancy Drew stories. I especially remember one special title which is the "The Clue of the Tapping Heels". I already forgot the story but I believe that it is a very good one because it has become my favorite. The picture on the cover is Nancy Drew with some cats around her. I guess if we did not know who the writer is, we would always believe that it was Carolyn Keene who have written it. But real avid readers like you are would have noticed it
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• Puerto Rico
13 Jun 09
I had no clue that this was happening and yes this should not be allowed to go on. I love the Nancy Drew Book series growing up they were the best. How can this be legal?