Which Website do you surf the first time you open your computer?

June 13, 2009 1:10am CST
Hey guys, We all are Internet freaks. However what does a computer freak think of when he first opens his internet browser and types the holy letters of 'www.' Which website do you prefer to surf for the first time you open your Computer?
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• Philippines
13 Jun 09
Well first of all I check Yahoo for news or Inquirer.net for news in my country.. Sometimes I check my emails, then the next thing will be either mylot.com or socialvibe (the site I recently just became addicted to) and then I'll check my blog. If I have something to write about, I'll check my blog account first then mylot and socialvibe. However, most of the time, after reading the news I open three windows (one for blogger, one for socialvibe and another for mylot) hehe =D and I also open multiple tabs under one window =D
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@Dragon17 (53)
• Morocco
13 Jun 09
Hi when I open my computer, I see in the first time www.starimes2.com is realy amazinge website . but now I shoose www.mylot.com, for erning money as you know, after I open my e-mail for chating...
@ayis12 (544)
• Philippines
13 Jun 09
I always check my emails first and open my YM!^_^
• Pakistan
13 Jun 09
When i use internet first time i was in my 8th class. And I browse yahoo and sign up for a new account. At that, i used dial up connection to connect internet and it took very long time to view my first site that i surf on internet. and i used Internet Explorer 4.0 on operating system windows 98. And the system that i was used was almost PI.