Czech Republic
June 13, 2009 4:32am CST
my first post... :P so my pc is following: Intel Core i7 Extreme 3,4 GHz OC-ed 2*2GB DDR3 1066Mhz Corsair 2-Times ASUS 9800+ GTx SLi 2*500 GB WD 16MB Dirty Keyboard and Old Mouse :))
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• Philippines
14 Jun 09
Welcome to mylot TIMURACZECH!!! I envy you for your computer specifications. I hope I had that one. Can I ask are you a gamer or a programmer. You have the latest computer parts. I hope that you can utilize it well. Congratz =)
• Malaysia
13 Jun 09
What a mean less post. please do find something more interesting to post. tank you.
13 Jun 09
So you have a high-spec PC then. Do you really need such a high-spec PC? I mean, what could you possibly do on a PC that needs such a high spec? I know gaming requires quite a high 'minimum-spec' but due to the cost of making your PC good enough to play high demand games with no problems, and given the lowering prices of games consoles, wouldn't you forget the PC and just buy a console?