Something Stinks

June 13, 2009 8:13am CST
Anyone who's ever lived in the country knows that farms can produce very bad smells ,but for those new to the experience ,the intensity can come as a shock. That's what's happening in parts of canada,where new houses are being built too close to farms. Homeowners are complaining to officials that the country air is not as sweet-smelling as it should be In ottawa ,scientists are working on a solution they say should help .They're investing can$250,000 to find an exact way of measuring stink levels.At the same time,farmers are also chemically changing cow dung,to make it less smelly.When the stink-ometer is ready ,farmers will be able to show just how effective teir efforts have been. Some people think thest methods stink ,however."You can't have farms with zero odour unless you train pigs to flush toilets.
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