Where is Heart!

Heart - Heart is the most important organ of humans body which pumps blood.When it stop functioning humans and all animals die.
@bhanusb (5709)
June 13, 2009 1:13pm CST
It is believed that people are now very healh conscious and know about the important organs of humans body.But it is proved false. Many people even don't know in which part of the body heart exists.50% of people don't know about the important organs of human body.The researchers of the Kings College of london reveal this fact.
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
13 Jun 09
Most Americans know where their hearts are because as young children we are taught to put our hand there to salute the flag. But you can bet most don't know where any other organs are.
@bhanusb (5709)
• India
14 Jun 09
When we were school students there was a subject named "Health". We are taught about health and various organs of our body.Now education spreaded. But most of the cases our childern have no basic knowledge.